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Fees Payable

Designation Admission Fees (S$) Annual Subscription Fees (S$) per specialisation
Accredited Tax Advisor (ATA)


Accredited Tax Practitioner (ATP) 200.00
Accredited Tax Practitioner (Provisional) 100.00

Note: SIATP is currently not GST-registered and the fees above are not inclusive of GST.

The annual subscription fee is payable on each specialisation selected. Applicants applying for the Income Tax OR GST specialisation will pay the annual subscription fee applicable to their designation. Applicants applying for both the Income Tax AND GST specialisations will need to pay twice the annual subscription fees stated above.

A person who is admitted on or after the first day of July in any year pays only half the subscription that is payable for a full year.

Online applications are strongly encouraged.

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