FRS Series: Dissecting the Complexities in Computing Deferred Tax
Wednesday, December 19 2018, 09:00 - 17:00
Programme Objective

FRS 12 Income Taxes deals with the disclosures of current tax and deferred tax. It sets out the concept of deferred tax and how to account for deferred tax. Deferred tax arises because of accounting mismatch between taxable profits and accounting profits.

Participants will be guided step-by-step from understanding the concepts and application of the concepts set out in FRS 12 to the completion of a deferred tax worksheet. The guided approach is very important as it builds the foundation to deferred tax accounting and with this knowledge, participants will be able to apply the concept to any circumstances encountered in the future.

At the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Have a practical understanding of the concepts and application of FRS 12 Income Taxes
  • Gain a solid foundation in deferred tax accounting with the step-by-step guidance given by the Trainer
  • Be more confident in applying FRS 12 Income Taxes in your workplace

Programme Outline

Understanding deferred tax

  • Updates on FRS 12
  • Conceptual framework of FRS 12
    • balance sheet liability method
    • timing and temporary differences
    • current and future tax consequences
    • manner of recovery

Current tax accounting

  • withholding taxes
  • uncertain tax positions
  • presentation and disclosure of current tax
  • Dissecting the complexities in computing deferred tax (using excel worksheet)
  • the starting point
  • concept of tax base
  • how to derive the tax base of an asset
  • how to derive the tax base of a liability
  • definition of tax base of a liability
  • implication of temporary differences
  • how to apply the exception rule
  • how to determine the tax rate
  • how to apply the offsetting rules
  • performing a simple tax reconciliation
  • performing a deferred tax proof
  • performing group tax reconciliation

Additional exercises

  • Impact on deferred tax under differing methods of capital allowances claim, payment by cash or by hire-purchase financing assets
  • Impact of deferred tax for investment properties carried at fair value
  • Impact of deferred tax in group situations e.g. deferred tax from a business combination and elimination of unrealized profit
  • Impact of government grants and decommissioning provisions 
  • The tax treatment for FRS 115 and FRS 116

Participants are encouraged to bring along their laptops ( equipped with Excel Spreadsheets ) for the exercises and worked examples.

Participants without the use of laptops will be issued with hard copies of the exercises to facilitate learning.

Administrative Details


19 Dec 2018


9:00am – 5:00pm


Hotel Venue to be Advised

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