Income Tax Perspective: Business Losses
Tuesday, December 18 2018, 14:00 - 17:30

Programme Objective

This half a day course is intended to ensure participants are aware of the tax planning related to business losses to maximize the tax benefits in Singapore.

Programme Outline

  • General
    • Differences between trade and non trade losses
  • Carry Forward Losses
    • Carry forward unutilized losses, capital allowances and approved donations
    • Meeting minimum shareholders requirement on relevant dates and exceptions
    • Other conditions for carry forward ‘losses’
  • Group Relief
    • Concept of Group Relief System
    • Definition of Group Companies
    • First level and second level tests
    • Transfer rules
    • Election in Form C and planning
    • Anti avoidance and other issues
  • Carry Back Relief
    • Number of years losses can be carried back
    • Maximum amount that can be carried back
    • Shareholders Test
    • Same Business Test
    • Tax planning on Carry Back Reliefs
  • Tax Losses for Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Partnerships
  • Tax Losses for sole proprietorship and partnerships
  • Latest updates form IRAS

Administrative Details


18 Dec 2018


2:00pm - 5:30pm


60 Cecil Street

ISCA House

Singapore 049709

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