Practical Understanding of Withholding Tax
Tuesday, December 11 2018, 09:00 - 17:00
Programme Objective

Withholding tax is a mechanism to collect income tax from certain groups of non-residents and is an area often overlooked by businesses. With the rise of cross border transactions, it is therefore important for businesses to understand the practical application of withholding tax to avoid penalties and minimise their tax burden.

This programme is part of the Professional Skills Series, designed specifically to give Accounting and Tax Professionals a practical knowledge of withholding tax. You will also learn about the concept of permanent establishment and gain a basic understanding of some articles in tax treaty. Personnel involved in tax compliance of the company and project costing will also find the workshop useful.

Programme Outline

​1. Overview of withholding tax system

2. Who are non-resident companies and individuals

3. Transactions that are subject to withholding tax
    - Applicable sections in Singapore Income Tax Act

4. Exemptions and remissions

5. Withholding tax rate
   - Singapore Income Tax Act
   - Application of tax treaties
   - Permanent establishment and implication to withholding tax
   - Claiming exemptions or reduced rates under the tax treaties
   - Certificates of residence

6. Permanent Establishment (“PE”)
   - Definition of PE
   - Types of PE

7. Withholding tax compliance and administration
   - Timing of withholding and payment to IRAS
   - Calculation
   - Who bear the withholding tax
   - When payment is in foreign currency
   - Withholding tax forms
   - Penalties for non-compliance
   - Voluntary disclosure

8. Foreign tax credit

9. Case studies

Administrative Details


11 Dec 2018


9:00am – 5:00pm


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