On 27 August 2009, Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Minister Of State For Trade And Industry And Manpower announced that ISCA, in collaboration with the Tax Academy of Singapore, will be setting up an accreditation body for local tax professionals.

Accreditation of tax professionals is envisaged to raise standards of tax practice in Singapore through:

  1. Robust admission requirements which include pre-qualifying professional and practical tax experience and the need to complete and pass a standard exam; and
  2. A requirement to complete a minimum number of Continuing Professional Education hours annually.

As a result of the above initiative, the Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals Limited (SIATP) was incorporated in January 2010. Applicants to SIATP are awarded one of the following three designations: Accredited Tax Advisor (ATA), Accredited Tax Practitioner (ATP) and Accredited Tax Practitioner (Provisional).

Whether you are a lawyer in tax practice, a professional accountant in business, a public accountant in practice, an academic or a professional applying tax knowledge in the public sector, there are many benefits to being accredited, with peer and industry recognition being one of the most significant. Hence, this is a perfect opportunity for you to join us. Be Accredited, Be Recognized!

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