Our Mission

To promote, in the public interest, the standards of tax practice, and the technical competency and capability of tax professionals.

Our Vision

To be the institute for tax professionals in Singapore through the pursuit of excellence in standards, professional conduct and tax practice.

Desired Outcomes

The SIATP strives to be the institute for tax professionals - one which embodies excellence in standards, professional conduct and tax practice.

Through various focused initiatives and programmes:

• The accredited tax professional, will be sought-after by employers and organisations because he/she who stands out as one who possesses a higher level of confidence of his/her tax standards, and upholds a level of professional conduct that is respected and trusted.

• The SIATP is seen as an established ‘go-to’ national institute for matters concerning the tax profession.

Achievement Modes
SIATP will achieve the desired outcomes by BEAT-ing IT. It means:

Robust Infrastructure (I) / Technology (T)

High Technical Standards (T)

Strong Strategic Alliances (A)

Active Member Engagement (E)

Wide Brand Awareness

By harnessing existing infrastructure and investing in technology, SIATP will leverage on relevant tools and resources for the benefit of accredited tax professionals and reinforce its mission.

SIATP aims to provide high quality insights to relevant authorities, through inputs from members, to further enhance tax excellence.

Likewise, SIATP enriches members with relevant insights that promote tax excellence in tax and/or tax practice-related matters.

As a young and humble institute with big plans, SIATP believes in garnering the strengths of strategic alliances.

Tax excellence is achieved through a focused approach with like-minded and related institutes.

SIATP engages with its members through open and interactive 360° channels.

Through specially-designed initiatives and programmes, SIATP provides various platforms for members to progressively build an active network and progress to even greater heights as a whole. Success breeds (greater) success.

Through the various initiatives and programmes, accredited tax specialists will have many privileges and exclusive opportunities to stand out from others who are not accredited.

The stamp of recognition and the esteemed repute of members and SIATP as a whole will continually be reinforced and marked with greater heights of achievements.

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