SIATP’s Taxlogue is a quarterly members' exclusive compendium of recent tax developments. Use it to ignite discussions and engage with your bosses, colleagues and/ or clients on pertinent tax issues.

Issue: Q1 2020

  • Articles on TP Documentation, CIT's Power, Reverse Charge and Overseas Vendor Registration and M&A
  • Commentaries on BEPS, Indirect Tax and Singapore Individual Tax developments
  • Tax authority's clarification on Characterisation of Deemed Income of Settlor, Employee Share Schemes, Taxability of Foreign-Sourced Income Derived by a Non-Resident Singapore Incorporated Company, Apportionment of Residual Input Tax, Section 64A of the GST Act and more

Issue: Q4 2019

  • Commentaries on digital tax developments
  • e-Filing deadline for YA2021 Corporate Income Tax
  • Articles on Reverse Charge and Overseas Vendor Registration, Zero-rated Supplies, FRS 116 and Tax Equalisation
  • Tax authority's clarification on foreign-sourced income, employee share schemes, cryptocurrency, apportionment of residual input tax and more 

Issue: Q3 2019

  • Public consultation on draft GST e-Tax guide on “Digital Payment Tokens”
  • Articles on Singapore tax cases, employment tax and transfer pricing
  • Commentaries on rulings and legal news
  • Tax authority’s clarification onincentive approval letters issued by EDB, standover of protective assessment,characterisation of deemed income of settlor and more

Issue: Q2 2019

  • BEPS developments
  • Commentaries on Indirect Tax matters
  • Articles on transfer pricing documentation, enhanced powers of CIT and Singapore’s tax cases
  • Tax authority‘s clarification on withholding tax on leases, tax deductibility of pre-incorporation expenses, automatic cancellation of GST registration and more

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