Maintaining An Eagle Eye On Tax Excellence

SIATP (now referred to as SCTP) continues to maintain an eagle eye on tax excellence in 2020. Accredited tax professionals will be involved in a series of new programmes and initiatives, boosting their technical knowledge and related expertise as SCTP ramps up its efforts to benefit the accredited.

Ranging from the popular Tax Excellence Decoded (TED) sessions to hot favourites Tax Peek networking sessions that are designed to give tax professionals doses of booster shots in the form of personal anecdotes and tips from the established, to scale to the top, and from the new and revamped website to having access to exclusive resources at their fingertips, accredited tax professionals are well-equipped with a cornucopia of opportunities and tax resources to advance in the new year.

Providing tax specialists and business leaders with valuable materials at their fingertips, the revamped SCTP website’s multi-layered tax resources range from the post-event technical articles outlining the insights and takeaways from the myriad of TED sessions to the vital online information on the tax regimes across the region.

Accredited tax professionals also have greater access to consolidated information on step-by-step to technology adoption and available tax solutions, not to mention funding support. SCTP members can now efficiently assess their options and be on the technology highway for greater productivity.

The support for tax professionals, particularly the accredited, does not stop at technical excellence. It is also very much about creating platforms for tax professionals to stand out with accreditation. In this respect, the online directory set within SCTP’s website has been successfully overhauled for interested parties to seek out an accredited tax professional. Businesses looking to engage one or requires verification of a tax consultant’s accreditation can easily utilise the feature.





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