Analytics and Automation Academy

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11 March 2020, Wednesday

09.00AM - 05.00PM
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Programme Synopsis

Our Analytics & Automation Academy provides an introduction to the practice of automation, analytics anddata visualization. This 1-day program consists of a mix of hands-on exercises and demonstrations, whichprovide participants with proficiency with tools to solve complex data processing needs. Based on yourindustry and profile, the academy may be tailored to fit your organizations specific needs. 

Data automation and analytics tools can be deployed to solve complex data processing needs. Thecombination of low cost, user-friendly drag and drop interfaces and data visualizations such asdashboards enables professionals to harness data while automating burdensome processes. Theseanalytics tools can also lead to solutions for proactive monitoring, planning, forecasting and decisionautomation.

Programme Outline

Welcome, Introduction and Objectives of the Academy
  • Current Ecosystem and Automation Landscape 
  • The Five Pillars of an Automation Strategy

Risk Management and Governance
  • Methodology, Risk Register and Control Framework 
Automation Overview and Demonstration
  • Automation Concepts and Definitions 
  • Software Basics and Functionality
  • Creating an Automation Workflow (Hands-on) 
  • Connecting, Joining and Cleaning Data Sources (Hands-on)
Automation - Creating an Effective Workflow
  • Documentation Best Practices
  • Alternative Automation Platforms
  • Highlighting Use Cases
Data Visualization – Art of the Possible
  • Gaining Insights from your Data
  • Building Visualizations into Repeatable Processes
  • Connecting to Data Sources (Hands-on) 
  • Creating an Effective Dashboard (Hands-on) 
  • Alternative Visualization Platforms
  • Highlighting Use Cases  
Robotics and Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics Concepts and Definitions
  • Machine Learning Applications
  • Highlighting Use Cases 
Group Brainstorming
  • Collaborative Brainstorming Session 
Undertaking Automation Projects
  • Considerations and Ownership Models
  • Lessons Learnt and Automation Approach
  • Q&A Session and Next Steps

About the Presenter(s)/ Trainer(s)

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Ms Tan Ching Ne
Partner, Digital Tax Leader
PricewaterhouseCoopers Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Ching Ne has over 25 years of experience in Singapore and Asia Pacific taxation. She leads a team helping clients to build a Tax function of the future - developing technology strategy, exploring automation of workflows, monitoring of clients’ work processes around the world, data management and analytics so as to facilitate client's decision-making process by detecting risk areas and identifying opportunities.

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Ms Raine Lai
Senior Manager, Digital Tax
PricewaterhouseCoopers Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Raine has over 12 years of Singapore tax experience and focuses on tax technology. She advises clients on digital strategies and solutions for tax function transformation, assists clients to review and enhance tax governance controls and drive business process automation for tax processing, compliance and reporting through tools for data automation, visualisation, robotics process automation, artificial intelligence etc. 


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