Reducing Your Effective Tax Rate through Tax Incentives and Negotiation

07 April 2020, Tuesday

09.00AM - 12.30PM
60 Cecil Street, ISCA House, Singapore 049709

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Programme Synopsis

At last, the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme as announced in the Budget 2010 has come to an end.  Notwithstanding the fact that the Finance Minister has introduced certain new measures with a view to raising productivity in the Budget 2018, the question remains whether you are aware of other alternatives to reducing your organization's effective tax rate (ETR)?  Have you considered the possibility of applying for tax incentives that might potentially create a better tax saving results?  Some participants revealed that they have been under pressure to look for possible ways to reduce their organizations’ ETR and thus, wanted to find out the mechanics of tax incentive planning and negotiation, which cannot be found in any textbooks.

How many of you realize that our tax incentives are not only applicable to foreign investors but also local companies?  How many of you want to know how tax incentives are negotiated with the relevant government agencies so that you are able to better position yourself using the techniques of experienced tax practitioners?  How many of you realize that it is only the beginning when your organization is awarded tax incentives and there are still a significant amount of compliance issues with the incentive’s terms and conditions?

Programme Outline

  • Debate whether Singapore is a tax haven 
  • Explain Singapore’s rationale of awarding tax incentives to potential investors 
  • Formulate the critical success formula in tax incentive negotiation in Singapore 
  • Review common tax incentives available to potential investors 
  • Highlight the importance of tax incentive negotiation in tax planning and structuring assignment 
  • Describe common pitfalls in tax incentive negotiation assignment and explain how you can avoid them

About the Presenter(s)/ Trainer(s)

Mr Jack HM Wong
FCA Singapore
Accredited Tax Advisor (Income Tax & GST)

An Accredited Tax Advisor, Jack has over 24 years of international tax experience, providing MNC and high net-worth individuals with his comprehensive, relevant and timely solutions to address their urgent tax challenges.  He also has substantial experience in resolving tax disputes with the tax authorities and negotiating for tax incentives with the Singapore Government agencies on behalf his clients. Jack wins praise for his effective balance of the tax technical skills and client services.  In 2010, Jack received the honour of being named one of the top Notable Tax Practitioners in Singapore by Chambers & Partners, Asia. 
Apart from his tax practice, Jack has also embarked on his personal development journey and training in 2008 as he realises that it is important to have both business/ technical development and personal development for him to continue to take his business to the next level. Jack made the decision to specialise in the areas of personality profiling, sales presentation & pitch construction using proven language patterns, negotiation and communication skills. 
Currently, Jack is a certified / licensed trainer & facilitator with the following credentials:
Certified TetraMap Facilitator
Certified & Licensed Trainer with BANKCODE 
Licensed Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Certified Trainer & Coach in Blair Singer Training Academy
Certified Trainer in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® for STEP I & STEP II
Certified Trainer in Basic and Advanced Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles

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